Utopian Global provides highly transparent information on its website about who owns and runs the business. You can just go to the company tab and do your own due diligence. There is no elephant in the room here; that will stamp on you. Just browse the website, and you will find company information including registration details and you can research it yourself. Just use common-sense

Utopian Global is the rebrand of Swiss Gold Global and the core company Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH was founded in March 2008.

Due to the rebrand to Utopian Global you will notice they have a brand-new website. This is obviously the company website was only registered in October 2017. So don’t take our word for it; you can find the information here: http://whois.domaintools.com/utopianglobal.com

Utopian Global is the brand name for New Golden Life DMCC & Royal Golden Enterprise GmbH; just like Swiss Gold Global was before.

Loads of people love to check out Alexa Rankings (Powered by Amazon.com). This is a great tool for understanding how popular a key word or a domain preform. To see the full details, you will notice you will have to pay to get full stats from Alexa.

In my opinion, the search key for a keyword is not that relevant and this is due to the way Utopian Global Independent Business Owners share the business. Most of its affiliates are spreading the word via word of mouth and face to face marketing. Local presentations and via invite only zoom call. Most of these get streamed in for Facebook profiles and YouTube.

To set your mind at ease you can have a look at the Utopian Global Rankings on Alexa here: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/utopianglobal.com

Bill Rowell is an Australian entrepreneur with a rich history of business success and a passion to expand the lives of ordinary folk

In 2008 he founded Joseph Wealth Systems a Swiss Company with the objective of putting Gold the money of Kings into the hands of ordinary folk.

Bill Rowell comes with well over 30 years of business experience, having owned and operated multiple hotels in Australia, and since 2008, In 2008 he founded Joseph Wealth Systems a Swiss Company with the objective of putting Gold the money of Kings into the hands of ordinary folk. He business has helped thousands of people world wide owning real LBMA Gold

His investment experience in the energy resource space spans 15 years; in the last three years, he expanded his business to include virtual digital currencies with cloud-based Blockchain mining and now STORH™.

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I (Shaun Schoeman) first joined the business when it was still called Swiss Gold Global back in June 2017. The reason why I joined was mainly to participate in the Bitcoin mining that the company was reselling from Genesis Mining. I was testing the performance between buying direct from Genesis to how the resell package preformed through Utopian Global. I was very satisfied. My small amount; due to the market movement of Bitcoin in 2017; to make 500% ROI. However this was due to the market conditions of 2017. During my first 6 month I was just a customer in the business. Mainly because, I was making Bitcoins else were which cost me a massive lost. Today I could have kicked myself. As Utopian Global (Previously Swiss Gold Global) would have been a far superior business to put all my effort and money to work. But we all must live and make mistakes.

In January 2018, I joined Utopian Global as an independent business owner and started to learn the business by joining their corporate hangouts. My first window into Gold and Silver including the launch of a new product that was due later in 2018.  To be honest, I knew of gold and silver. My impression was why would buy precious metals. I mean I cannot spend it nor can I carry it in my pocket.

Bill is not just a businessman in gold in silver he is also a licensed trader on the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) He know how the markets work and has been in the industry since 2008.  I have so much to learn from him.

I will write a blog later for you all around Gold and add a very interesting few fact for you. Time for me to shine

Utopian Global Eco-Systems is a Leverage Sales business. I love Leverage sales business (Also known as Network Marketing). Why? Might be the question on your mind.

  1. I can have as many customers as I want in my business. Meaning people can come in and purchase any of the resell products offered with in Utopian Global. They do not have to become an Affiliates or as I like to call it an Independent Business Owner
  2. I never force or over sell the business. I want people to build trust with me and the company, I represent. Connect with me face to face or via zoom working and understanding the model.
  3. The thing I love about Leverage Sales, you 95% of the time will work with people that are like minded. Your Tribe is your Vibe
  4. Leverage sale generate a true passive income and is a great way to build your brand, image and deliver a long-lasting solution for ordinary folk.
  5. Anyone with the right mindset can duplicate the steps to build a business from your own time
  6. Customers can turn later into affiliates. Why some people might like the products and take time to build trust or understand the business or they might fall into hard time and need an extra source of income.
  7. Active affiliates in Utopian Global must participate in an Asset Accumulation Plan of €50. This is a great concept, as this allows the affiliate like me to save into real wealth item. The choice is mine. Either Gold or Silver of into Storh (Energy Platform).
  8. Leverage sale business in the 21st century is a $189Billion industry. More than twice the size of the movie industry.
Shaun Schoeman

Shaun Schoeman

I am based in London UK and been in the leverage sales industry for over 6 years. Also, an IT contractor within comercial IT space. I believe anyone can set themself free in the digital age. The world is yours for the taking

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