November 2018 was the birth of a phenomenal marketing relationship between Energy Asset Platform and Utopian Global Eco-System. Marketing meet product that delivers a solution to so many social and geopolitical problems in our world today.

In my 43 years on the planet, I was never educated on how to build wealth using assets to generate income. This process, I had to do outside of my state and tertiary education. In school, I did very well in economics and accounting subjects. This prepared me to become an employee or if I choose a physical business selling goods and services to generate an income. This was good and well but this taught me to give my skills away for a lot of time and little reward. Assets; I was taught were physical buildings and more the business owned but depreciation was happening on these assets and accounting for that was key. I was taught to buy a car and house; as they a form of personal assets. Assets that you need to maintain from your job or income of the traditional business. None of this produced income for me. Today, I see them as a liability and to pay for my liabilities I need to create income that keeps coming in while I sleep. This sounds like a very simple concept but trusts me this is not easy.

We get lured in joining so many so-called guru’s training courses with the promise we will all be wealth magnets. 95% of these expensive courses just simply don’t work and just enrich the creators of them.

The model to follow is based on the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Find people that are proven specialists in their field and surround yourself with them. The word surround yourself is key as you now building a community of experts and start utilizing their skills. This is exactly what you will find in Utopian Global as a marketing platform.

The founder of Utopian Global learns all this through his 30 years in business. In 2004 he met the Founder of STORH. This was many years before STORH was founded as a company. However, Bill met Ryan Messer through a mutual friend. Bill took his money which was about 800k Aussie Dollars to get into an energy project with Ryan. Now understand most working-class people will NOT have money like that lying around to involved in Energy companies or business. The projects were highly successful. Bill surrounded himself with experts in the industry, this gave him time to learn more about the assets he invested in.

Jumping back to today 02 April 2020 and we have once again the opportunity to build our community by surrounding ourselves with the Utopian Global Eco-System and education platform.
You have now the change through the Utopian Global Eco-System to gain access to assets in the Assets Platform of STORH. This time you don’t need a minimum of 800KAusie Dollar, but you can start with a much affordable amount. This will give you a stake in STORH that invests in income-producing assets. Assets that work in various parts of the world producing an income while I am fast asleep in London and enjoying my life.
We in the Whale Business Club are big supports for people to start taking a stake in real income-producing assets. It is like having a printer printing your own wealth. You can use the marketing tools in Utopian Global to share the education and Energy Asset Platform of STORH.
To give you short inside to STORH and the assets they focus on: (More Blog Post will come to help you understand more
  1. Legacy Assets Oil & Gas fields in the USA
  2. Poly-Stream Plastic to Fuel Cleaning our plastic crisis
  3. Mining reclamation
  4. In IPO stage aiming to go to an exchange in 2021 (If market conditions are favorable)
Time is now for you to start building a UTOPIAN GLOBAL EXPERIENCE

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Shaun Schoeman

Shaun Schoeman

I am based in London UK and been in the leverage sales industry for over 6 years. Also, an IT contractor within comercial IT space. I believe anyone can set themself free in the digital age. The world is yours for the taking

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