The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Have you ever saved in Gold or let’s ask; have you ever thought of saving in Gold? These are great questions to ask. In my humble opinion, the answer to these questions is – YES!
The Education Wealth System in Utopian Global Eco-System is a great vehicle that will help you understand why gold is a fantastic store of value and in some cases a safe haven. Utopian Global offers its customers and members access to LBMA Good Standing Delivery Gold bullion supplied by Argor-Heraeus.
Before we delph into the Utopian Global and Argor-Heraeus. Let’s look at Gold over the last say 20 years. We going to start with the value against British Pound.
You will notice if you started to buy gold 20 years ago (Back in the year 2000). You would notice that your gold value increased by 664.87%. I bet; by now you realized that the value of gold outgrown the value of your pounds in your ordinary bank account. Trust me, my reaction when I realized it; the first time was a big inspiration to buy, store and hold Gold in my portfolio. The biggest issue we face with our fiat money is the fact that it continues to lose value against the buying power it offers. A few ways that Central banks fight the devaluation is the balance between inflation, interest rates and the amount of quantitative easing.(There are many more factors) The picture below was taken from
WOW, this is a fantastic reason to get started and learn more about Gold

Well, we can have a look at Gold against some other currencies to give you a better perspective of what a great store of value and Insurance policy Gold is; against our devaluing Fiat Money

Gold Price against South African Rand

Gold Price against Euro

Gold Price against Argentine Peso

Gold Price against Indian Rupe

With Utopian Global Eco-System you can now learn how to save in LBMA approved Gold and Silver. Utopian Global are resellers of Argor-Heraeus Gold and Silver Products.
As an Independent Business owner or customer of Utopian Global, you can save in Gold or Silver from as little as €25. You buy the precious metals at wholesale prices 3% above the spot price. This is amazing. You have the option to convert your Items into physical products like coins or bars. The other option is; you can leave the gold in storage and that is a default option. The storage is with Loomis International. The benefit of this is the precious metals are audited twice a year, you have access to the vault 24/7 which makes liquidity if needed much faster. Much more to this process. If you want more information, please contact us.
Here is a link to the Argor-Haeuras website for you to see how real they are and the importance of them in the precious metals industry. Heaps of motivational guru always say surround your self with a specialist in their field and you will become the next specialist in that field. This is what we gain from being active members and customers within the Utopian Global Eco-System.

Summary to my post.

Utopian Global and its founder Bill Rowell is highly transparent and trustworthy in my opinion. I have built a good face to face business relationship with Bill Rowell. He never over promises and always say only start your business with spare money. You can use this platform as an Independent business owner and you can earn a good stable income form Utopian Global. Let’s face it, which family today will say no to an extra €500 or so per month. This doesn’t just happen. You will have to put the work in to make this work for you. 
Follow your heart and passion as this will allow you to earn a good income from a great home base business through the Utopian Global Eco System.
I will be honest. There are no fake claims to be made here. But based on my efforts each month I manage to earn between €250 and €1000 per month (Depending on my personal efforts per month). I save part of my income in Gold and Silver. My main income comes from my career in Professional IT.
I am a bullion saver thanks to Utopian Global Eco-System
Shaun Schoeman

Shaun Schoeman

I am based in London UK and been in the leverage sales industry for over 6 years. Also, an IT contractor within comercial IT space. I believe anyone can set themself free in the digital age. The world is yours for the taking

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