The world we live in today is a world full of changes some good and some with bad impacts on our planet. We consume every inch of earth, not that we notice it. For centuries man had a passion to create things that make our life as easy as possible.

 For the top tier countries in the world this has become a reality of comfort and denial. Strange to think that these two terms go hand in hand. On the one hand we consume like crazy. Just think of the comfort consumption we do. We all love our smartphones and yes, it has made life so much easier. But have we stopped to think what happens to the plastic packaging our phones come in…..? Or every time we go to the shop to buy groceries, we purchase plastic bags for 10pennies which a handful of us really re-use but the majority of just threw it away.

The list is long on how we consume without thinking what happens to our plastics that we through a way. Most of us believe that even through we recycle at home and the councils encourage us to use a variety of recycling bins. Our efforts are rewarded that all our consumption is recycled. The truth is that most of our efforts land in land-fills and or are shipped out to so called recycling plant in other parts of the world. This is our biggest denial. I am sure most of us are guilty of this.

The proof of our denial floats in our oceans some the size of European countries. Killing the wildlife in the ocean. Sit back and take a good look the picture below.

The Whale Business Club and its members strive to find opportunities that have the potential to help us change our habits and aid in the process of the solutions the planet needs. We have found this in an Eco-Systems created by Utopian Global and their partner STORH.

STORH offer the Utopian Global members (Including the IBO of the Whale Business Club) and opportunity to become a stakeholder in helping to clean the plastic problem we face.

STORH is raising funds through a unique tokenized platform for ordinary people like yourself and me to become a stakeholder. The funds raise help complete the Poly-Stream project which the company will bring in production in the USA and further plans to rollout the blueprint to 100 cities in the world that can benefit from Poly-Stream.

Poly-Stream helps turn the plastics that are non-recyclable and floating in our ocean back into fuel (oil), which we can re-use to create new products, generate heating, power our cars and may more uses.

The question you must ask yourself is “Do I want to be part of the solution?”

If your answer is yes…… Register Today in our back office and head over to our Eco-Energy Fund Tab. Take the step of leaving a clean generational planet for future generations.

If not carry on in denial..

See you in the inside

Shaun  Schoeman

Shaun Schoeman

I am based in London UK and been in the leverage sales industry for over 6 years. Also, an IT contractor within comercial IT space. I believe anyone can set themself free in the digital age. The world is yours for the taking

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