You need to know that trading carry risk. Never trade any money of you are not willing to loose the money. So ensure you use money you are willing to loose. Spare money. Winning in trading is not a guarantee. Spend time to learn the platforms we sharing with you in the Whale Business Club

Remember you work hard for your money. With education and skills learned you can get your money to work hard for you.

We are the 4th Industrial revolution

The world we live in is about to go through major changes, this decade. With a strong rise in cryptocurrency adoption and talks of Central Bank Digital Currencies to replace our current fiat money. 

1Click Trading System

The best exchange to use the 1 Click Trading System is HITBTC. Click here to open your account https://hitbtc.com/ (You setup Kraken & Bittrex, as well) The reason why I say HitBTC is because I have seen the best results on HitBTC. You will need a recommended $1000 on your Exchange Account, as USDT (Tether) in your exchange Trading account. You must remember that the 1Click Trading system will cost you $99 a month. So, when you start you have start with a good size account so that the account can look after itself and cover the monthly running cost of $99 and earn you compounding power.

You must install the 1Click Trading System App on your phone, and you can trade Signals manually or you can select the Bot to Auto Trade. (This is the option I personally selected.) The reason is if I do it manually and I miss the notification to take a Trade manually on my phone, I miss out on a Trade. The choice is yours. Does this Bot or system of 1 Click Trading work? YES IT DOES!!

Safer: Your funds ALWAYS stay in YOUR control.

Easier: CopyClick (Social Trading) takes care of the buy and sell.

More Profitable: You keep 100% of your trading profits and you have the option to share us with others and earn even more.

Easily trade BTC, ETH, ADA, NEO and TRX! Scroll for more details and recent.

You can cover your monthly cost, by simply sharing 1 Click Trading System with our friends, family, and fellow Crypto enthusiast. You can earn up to $28 per Bot that you share with people. This allows you to earn more from your trading profit or even paying the monthly membership fee. Your earnings are paid directly into your preferred Bitcoin wallet. It gets paid automatically direct in to your selected Bitcoin wallet.

Also, the have a great Facebook group and Sunday evening we have a great Zoom hangout. Taking Questions and Answers. The best part you are in control of you’re your own Crypto!!

Unique Custom Designed Trading Signals with Manual Trades or CopyClick.

  • Signals go to your phone on our app. 1 Click puts you in BTC.
  • Our system is designed to take you out of Bitcoin before it drops.
  • We monitor the market 24/7 for you.
  • Take as many trades as you want in the quantity that you want.
  • You click the trades that you take at the amount you choose as a default.
  • All of the crypto stays in your trading account on the exchanges, we never use it.
  • Any profit you make is yours to keep.
  • All you need is some crypto, a funded account on an exchange and our app!

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